OffYoga helps your company achieve its wellness, productivity and employee engagement goals by bringing mindfulness, balance and strength to your office. As a great perk to offer your employees, OffYoga makes it convenient and fun to increase the health and productivity of your company while strengthening your companies’ culture.


Yoga + Your Office

With OffYoga, you make it as easy as possible for your employees to take advantage of and grow from the benefits of yoga. Tell us a little bit about your company and the office space that we'll be working in and we'll design the perfect routines that’ll push everyone to grow.


New to Yoga? We Hoped You’d Say That

Our OffYoga instructors will lead your company through a range of poses and stretches with guided focus and breathing which shall be designed for your companies' culture and skill level. Flexibility is not a pre-requisite to the practice of yoga :)


Schedule Times that Work for Your Company

Whether it's 7AM and we're energizing your team, over lunch, or 5:30PM for a post-work decompress, we bring the power of yoga to your office in a format that compliments your offices' vibe.


Increase Productivity

Sitting at the office takes its toll on your employees and wears them out. Yoga is all about movement and balance. Focus and mindfulness increase productivity, reduce sick days, decrease employee turnover and reduces employee requested time-off.


Recharge Your Teams

Yoga and meditation are powerful and efficient ways to keep stress in check and regain focus. Regularly practicing yoga improves quality of sleep and increases energy, it gets the body healthy and flexible. 


Healthy Employees = Healthy Office

Keeping employees healthy is important, a strong office is a successful office.