How OffYoga works

Can’t touch your toes? Tight quarters? Yoga Master?

We’ve got you covered in 4 steps


1). We’ll learn about your company

We’ll need to learn a few small details like general experience level, estimated class size and notes about your office environment. Email us at, or you can answer a few questions here.


2). Get scheduled

We prefer to begin scheduling classes at least 2-3 weeks prior to beginning OffYoga. This allows you to spread the word and grow interest among your employees.


3). We come to your office

We do the leg work and make it easy for your employees to enjoy the benefits of yoga and staying healthy. We offer before and after work sessions, as well as mid-day, quick power sessions to recharge and refocus your teams.


4). Get ready to feel great!

Feel great taking another step towards building a stronger, healthier office culture as an employer, and knowing that the many benefits of yoga and meditation are making an impact on the day-to-day wellness of your employees.