Our office hasn't tried yoga or meditation before, is that ok?

Absolutely! Flexibility is not a pre-requisite to yoga! All it takes is an open mind, a small amount of space to be comfortable in, and a little bit of time.

Based on what we’ll learn from you, our instructors design custom sessions for each office and their employees, then will lead you through a range of stretches, poses and breaths together–you will feel energized, challenged and rewarded!

Nobody shows up flexible on day 1, it’s something you work towards :)

What do we need in our office?

Whether your sessions are before, during, or after work, we’ll need:

  1. Some space dedicated that is out of the way during a period of time.

  2. The OffYoga Participant Waiver to be signed and completed.

  3. Yoga mats (see “Do we need to have yoga mats?).

  4. Give us your happy, tired, excited, eager and curious employees.

Do we need to have yoga mats?

Some participants own their own mats, but OffYoga can provide yoga mats onsite. We can either bring them each session, or if you have space where you’d like us to leave them for your employees to use in between sessions on their own we can do that as well. OffYoga also has quality mats for sale and we are happy to help find the right mat for you.

Is there a waiver we need to sign?

Yes, every participant must sign the OffYoga Participant Waiver.

How does scheduling work?

New Clients: please email sales@offyoga.com or fill out the form here and we’ll be in touch ASAP.

Existing Clients: Contact your assigned Account Executive to add classes or to modify your schedule. If you don’t remember who you’re Account Executive is, email sales@offyoga.com and we’ll get you taken care of immediately.

Cancellation Policy: 48-hour Cancellation notice required or fee up to the full price of the session may be applied.

What kind of sessions are available?

Our 2 most popular are the before office-hours, Sun Salutation and post office-hours, Happy Hour sessions. We also offer lunch hour yoga sessions, Mid-day Meditations as a great offering for employees to re-engage and recharge.

More detailed information can be found on our Services page, here.

Who are your instructors (are they trained)?

Our instructors are certified in several types of yoga which allows us to accommodate virtually any environment–these include desk and chair yoga, vinyasa, ashtanga, meditation and even trauma yoga (minimum CYT-200 certifications).

What do we need to wear for OffYoga?

Comfortable, loose fitting clothing that you can bend, stretch and breathe in.