Available Services

With OffYoga, you make it as easy as possible for your employees to take advantage of and grow from the benefits of yoga. Our 3 most common services are below, but sessions can be scheduled at any time of day. Participants can join, and leave at anytime to start their workday or jump into meetings.


Sun salutation

Greet the day bright and early! The focus of this session is to prepare the participant for the day, get you in the right headspace and energy to have a positive growth experience. Participants can join at any time, and leave at anytime to start their workday - no need to begin the day stressing over making this class on time!


Mid-day meditation

In a chair, on a table, on the floor, or on a mat! You don’t need to be able to sit cross-legged to meditate. Depending on the size of your company, these may be 4-6 sessions over a 1-2 hour period focusing on meditation, relaxation, and stress reduction. Low intensity, you’ll feel great walking back to your desk recharged. Smaller groups can breakout and relax to guided meditation sessions from an OffYoga instructor.


Happy hour

Participants will be challenged and rewarded as they wrap up their day with this 60-minute after-work session. Designed to help you decompress and get a workout in the process–you will break a sweat!